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Sarah Bourne

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Sarah is a qualified ILM Executive Coach, member of the Association for Coaching, NLP Practitioner and Insights Discovery Licenced Practitioner, specialising in enhancing your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication and

relationship skills.

Sarah is passionate about personal development and has an endless desire to help others through supporting and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Sarah's sphere of excellence is coaching managers and leaders through their learning journey, being new to management or having acquired a new team, when their team isn't as harmonious as they would like or when there is that one person grinding your gears! 

Sarah believes that coaching unlocks your full potential, provides a sounding board for ideas and offers supportive challenge to get you out of your comfort zone.

By focusing your mind on the important tasks and clearing the debris, your time is spent increasing productivity and profit.  Building confidence, developing skills and working through challenging situations enhances the performance of your managers and leaders, and supports them in building high performing teams. Alongside coaching sessions, Sarah works with the Insights Discovery profiles to take a deep dive into self-reflection and create a lasting impact on the whole team.

Sarah offers one to one or group coaching. Her approach is friendly, fun and creative, drawing on activities and resources that put her clients at ease whilst supporting reflection. 

"I had the best time with Sarah during our 6-months of coaching for my new business. My vision is clear and I felt comfortable getting in touch with Sarah when I had minor wobbles during the day-to-day. She's such a lovely and approachable person.     I looked forward to every session with her."

Claire Tovey - Beyond the Oven

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Steven Hargreaves

Steven Hargreaves is the Founder and Director of The Compassionate Leadership Company, a coaching, culture and leadership development company which specialises in helping leaders and teams build high performing, compassionate, emotionally resilient, adaptable teams, where everyone can stay well, flourish and achieve

Steven is known for his practical, purposeful and down to earth coaching approach that comes from 20 years of experience in leading at a senior level a mixed portfolio of commercial, public sector and charitable services across large parts of the UK. Steven’s experience in coaching and delivering coaching solutions throughout organisations runs over a 10 year period and his coaching approach is specific, individual, rooted in positive psychology and pragmatic in supporting clients in their delivery of tangible results.    

Steven’s philosophy on coaching is simple, straightforward and focussed on the needs of the client, to assist them to develop greater self awareness to unlock insight, understanding and perspective of the challenges, opportunities and choices that are available to them and most importantly what they need to do to turn insight and learning into action and positive impact.  

Underpinning this is a belief that the client's focus on goal attainment should not be achieved at the detriment of their wellbeing.  Helping clients maintain balance between optimal performance and optimal personal wellbeing is a key focus of Stevens’ coaching approach.

Coaching sessions with Steven will be robust, challenging and the debate may be a little uncomfortable at times but will ultimately always be characterised by strong client partnership, a supportive environment built on trust, good intent and focused on helping the client achieve the results they want.  Clients need a strong return on their investment and Steven’s aim is to deliver just that.

Steven provides one to one, team and group coaching.

Dilip Karia

I have a genuine and deep-rooted belief that every individual has within them the potential, capacity and resource to grow and unleash potential.

I whole-heartedly believe that by working together we can develop greater understanding of any issue and develop strategies to resolve complex and perplexing situations by unravelling self-insights and discussing practical solutions.  This has been validated with over 15 years continual experience in the public, volunteer, education and private sector.

By immersing myself in the science of behavioural mindsets, I have gained extensive experience and qualifications in psychotherapy, counselling and coaching. 



Chris Restell

Chris Restell is a genuine, credible individual whose coaching experience focuses on not only the day-to-day experiences and difficulties which Leaders & Managers encounter but also on their aspirations, goals, dreams and the problems that people encounter which perhaps stops them from fulfilling them.

Chris believes a multitude of coaching approaches needs to be considered in coaching people successfully, especially as individuals are unique and more than one approach might help them. He has experience in Motivational Interviewing techniques and Solution Focus approaches.

He is a firm believer that people can develop new ways of thinking and through this can obtain new knowledge, both of which can then enable the individual to recognise they have a greater selection of choice available to them on such topics as decision making, mindset and that subsequently these help to identify the actions which will then lead them to success. 


Chris feels coaching has the power to enable people to resolve the most complex and difficult of situations they encounter. It can move people from a sense of ‘being stuck’ and having ‘little or no control’ over things, to a mindset of ‘action, achievement, growth, control and influence.’

 "I felt very comfortable talking to Chris.  He was very calm and professional, and right from the start, I felt I could trust him.

I really liked the way Chris repeated back to me the things I had been saying.  Hearing him summarise what I had just said helped me see the situation more clearly. In each coaching session with Chris, I had at least one ‘lightbulb’ moment where I realised something significant. Some of the techniques Chris used in the coaching sessions with me were very effective in helping me grow and develop my business, I still use some of them now."

Jo Miller - Talent Connected

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