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Banana Brains for Parents and Carers

5 bite-size training videos ​

5 Downloadable Activity Sheets*​

2 Max, Maisie and Monkey Stories**​

1 Parent Guide​

*3 activities and 2 stories ** story videos read by Squiggle Stories


•Explore where emotions come from and how they impact your child's behaviour

•Identify ways in which you can support your child with becoming more aware of their communication preferences and emotional reactions

•Discover how to empower your child to make informed decisions about how they behave

•Create a plan for introducing Healthy Habits into your child's daily routine

The Banana Brains programme helps children explore how the brain works and the
relationship between emotions and behaviour through stories, puppetry and creative
activities. Join Max, Maisie and Monkey as they learn about the monkey in their brain and
discover how to accept and embrace their emotions.
This training explores how we can support our children to understand their emotions and
how they impact their behaviour, promoting mental and emotional well-being and
encouraging early healthy habits.

Our children are our future! Based on alarming statistics and recognition that modern
life requires increased resilience, the Government have announced that as of 2020, all
children in England should be taught how to look after their mental well-being and
recognise when classmates may be struggling, this programme supports this positive

Creator and Inspiration

Sarah is a qualified Coach and Trainer
who is has spent over 10 years working
with adults on behavioural preferences
and emotional intelligence. When her
son, Eddie, was 5 she found a way to
adapt her resources to help children
explore their emotions and understand
the relationship with behaviour.

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