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Insights Discovery is validated by the British Psychological Society.

What is Insights Discovery?

This tool will help to transform you as an individual, a leader of team[s] or a member of a team. it will enable you to understand yourself and others in a much clearer, more thought provoking way!

With a greater, deeper knowledge of yourself, you’ll have the ability to understand and appreciate not only why you make the choices you do at home, work and play but also what leads others to make their choices and behave the way they do, with more tolerance, respect and appreciation for people being different.

Insights Discovery does this through helping people to recognise that we have preferences for how we do everything, for example: –

  • How we work and the reasons for adopting a particular leadership, management; communication, motivational style;

  • How come some relationships work whilst others do not

  • The reasons behind you experiencing difficulties in completing some tasks and not others

  • And many, more areas of personal relationships and business needs.

How does it work?

Through completing a 25 question psychometric questionnaire, between 15-30 mins in length, a personal profile unique to you is generated explaining the who ‘You’ are and why you behave and do the things you do.


The standard profile covers the following topics: -

Introduction & Overview [of You] - [Your] Personal Style – [How you] Interacting with Others – [Your] Decision Making – [Your] Key Strengths & Weaknesses] – [Your] Value to the Team – [Your] Effective Communications & Barriers to Effective Communication – [Your] Possible Blind Spots – [Your] Opposite Type - Suggestions for [Your] Development


*Management - Creating the Ideal Environment – Managing & Motivating Person X [You]- [Your] Management Style

*[Effective Selling Chapter & Selling Style Overview - Before The Sale Begins - Identifying Needs – Proposing - Handling Buying Resistance - Gaining Commitment

* Additional topics available

Have a look at this video

Curious about your profile and your preferred Colour energy? Then have a chat with us at Shades of You to see if you qualify for a free profile,  yup no fee profiles are available! 😊

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