A Life Coach: the Antidote You've Been Searching For...

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

Some of you may have heard of Simon Sinek. His “Golden Circle” model has been used in my training for years now and it never gets old! Sinek says that we should always start with “Why”, then move onto the “How” and “What”. For example, if someone asks me what I do, the easy answer is; “I’m a Coach”. If they ask me to elaborate, I say; “I coach people to help them reach their personal or career goals by exploring their options and enhancing their self-awareness.” Very rarely does anyone ask me why I do it.

I have used coaching techniques since I started my career in HR about 12 years ago, but I may not have realised I was doing it! For me, coaching at its most basic is asking good questions in order to make the coachee think about and explore options. You don’t need to be a subject expert and you don’t need to have the answers. I have been a coach within a large public sector organisation for 4 years or so and I love it so much that I have started my own company.

I have sat with so many people who have a problem they can’t solve. They spend a good 20 minutes (sometimes a lot more!) telling me about this problem and all the bad things that are happening because of it. They tell me what they have tried and what hasn’t worked.

With a handful of great coaching questions, we strip back the problem so we can see it in front of us and almost touch it.