Awakening the power of workplace compassion

Updated: May 17, 2021

I was asked recently why in the middle of a pandemic I had decided to leave a secure job I enjoyed to go freelance. A fair question. The simple answer to that was if not now, when?

I had wanted to make the move for some years. I was spending more and more time supporting leaders to develop a more relational, compassionate approach to their leadership and wanted to spend more of my time working in this area. The time felt right to take the leap.

I have seen the positive impact on people’s performance, wellbeing, and engagement that a more compassionate, kind, and inclusive approach to leadership and workplace culture brings and I know how important it is that people feel the things they need to at work for them to thrive, achieve and stay well whilst delivering what the business requires of them in an increasingly volatile and unpredictable world. I believe that workplaces underpinned by compassion enable that to become a reality.

I believe that compassion is the oil greasing the wheels in the day to day running of our organisations and we believe that now more than ever we need to pour on more oil.

I established the Compassionate Leadership Company to help leaders and their teams build high performing, compassionate workplaces where everyone can thrive, achieve, and stay well.

Our objectives are to:

  • help leaders achieve enhanced performance, engagement, and wellbeing both personally and across the teams and organisations they lead.

  • help leaders and their teams to respond to and manage times of change, volatility, stress, and transition more effectively and compassionately.

  • help organisations develop more compassionate workplace cultures that enable people to thrive, feel included, valued and seen for who they are, not just what they do.

The reality is that it takes courage to lead with compassion. It is a bold call to action, and it takes a courageous organisation to be willing to shift its thinking and approach, to journey the road less travelled and take the action required to awaken the compassion potential that already exists within it. The company mission is to help leaders and teams in organisations to make that shift. To help them consider how compassion can be seen and experienced within their organisation and its powerful and positive impact on organisational culture and performance.

We have developed the 360° of leadership compassion framework (below) and these are what we believe to be the essential qualities of the compassionate leader and the underpinning principles of the compassionate workplace. These are the foundation of everything we do. They are also our company values and beliefs.

I suppose the bottom line is, that I believe the workplace should be a place where people thrive, achieve, and stay well. Where people feel included, valued and seen for who they are, not just what they do. Where people feel they belong rather than merely fit in. I believe that that organisations need to be places where high performance, engagement and wellbeing are the norm, for everyone.

Whilst I do not underestimate the challenges that 2021 will bring, I believe that those organisations that invest in awakening and leveraging their compassion potential will be the ones that ultimately survive and will be the ones most likely to thrive.

Want to find out more about Compassionate Leadership? Head over to our training page to start our bite-sized online course or book onto a webinar with Steve.

Steve is the Founder and Director of The Compassionate Leadership Company

The 360° of leadership compassion

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