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Coaching can help you in your work life !

Having recently been sending out newsletters to numerous businesses of all sizes and fields of expertise, It got me wondering why people in business might be reluctant to take advantage of this tailor made, [yup it really is like made to measure clothing] learning opportunity.

I wondered if it was because there are certain perceptions or mystique about what coaching is. Even that some people might hold the view that coaching might be a bit 'fluffy' and not for them.

Well, keeping with the above tailoring analogy for a short while longer, being coached is like having your own custom built or bespoke piece of clothing made by a craftsperson in their field. Coaching can be moulded and shaped to YOUR specifications. Coaching can adapt to YOUR preference[s] of learning and can be as tricky or difficult in terms of challenging YOUR beliefs; thoughts; actions and behaviour, as YOU like!

Surprisingly, unlike most bespoke things though, it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to get that Saville Row experience either.

Let me try to de-mystify coaching by saying the following: -

Coaching is about YOU talking.

Being coached by a professional coach involves YOU exploring; reviewing; reflecting upon the problems or issues which are causing you the most angst. These difficulties may well be the things which YOU are experiencing during a typical working day; week or month. Notice there is emphasis above, on YOU and YOUR problems whether they be with people YOU work with or the activities YOU carry out as part of YOUR role.

Coaching is really about YOU!

A question I get asked regularly by people who are curious about coaching is ‘What’s involved?’ and ‘How does it work?’

Well, the main ingredient for someone wanting to be coached, is a willingness on the individual’s part is to acknowledge at least, that something isn’t working right for them, whether that be in a work relationship where ‘personalities clash’ or in completing those tasks that you might find more difficult to complete than others and / or recognising there must be a different more productive way of working.

From this acknowledgement, a coach will ask you questions to help YOU explore why things are the way they are and what YOU are prepared to do to change the situation and YOUR experience and how YOU could go about changing it.

That’s it!

Truly, in essence that is what is involved.

Yes the coach will have a range of techniques available to them to help you identify the actions YOU can choose to take, but fundamentally YOU do the work, and put the effort in to change things.

So if your interest is piqued and your curious how coaching can help YOU in YOUR situation then why not have a short 15 minute chat with YOUR potential coach [Tailor] and be surprised in the ways in which they can help Support – Empower & Grow YOU!

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