Lifting the lid on Mindset Coaching for Women in Business

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Abbie Broad – Business Coach at Now Watch Me Fly Ltd. Lifts the lid on Mindset Coaching and why it is so important for Women in Business.

Mindset Coaching involves a combination of practices that enable a person to think purposefully and consciously. To take in information and process it in their consciousness rather than allowing the information to sink deep into the emotions where pretty much anything can happen.

There are many books on the subject that offer a scientific based explanation. I like to keep things simple and I am a sucker for a metaphor, so, sit tight, this is how I explain what Mindset Coaching means to me. In truth it is not a particularly scientific explanation, it is I hope a simplified way in which to begin to understand how by applying “A Particular Mindset” is how we can begin to choose how we experience the world.

Mindset is like a window, if the one you are looking through is dirty or broken the world will look dirty and broken. Step to the side and look through a new window, one that is clean and free from cracks, the world will immediately look quite different. The world did not change – you just decided to step to into a better place from which to see it.

Our world is experienced through our 5 senses. Sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Millions of bits of information coming at us every second. How we interpret that information is determined by our unique values, drivers, and beliefs. How we filter that information before it hits our values, drivers and beliefs is through our Mindset.