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What's been happening with SoY

Hello again!

How have you been? Hopefully you enjoyed the fine weather we’ve had and importantly not experienced any issues either personally or professionally.

With the summer coming to an end, holidays having been taken, Shades of You, wanted to share with you what we been doing during spring / summer and to highlight how we could help you

We have busy working with operational and support leaders from the Hampshire & IOW Fire and Rescue Service.[HIOWFRS].

This front line and critical service, as the tv news has highlighted in the summer heatwave, commissioned Shades of You to help them meet some challenges [or opportunities as we like to refer to them] which their managers have been experiencing with staff and their performance or behaviour.

What the senior leadership at HIOWFRS wanted to achieve was for Shades of You to develop a learning and development intervention, that was practical, easy to adopt and capable of achieving results that would enable their leaders, no matter what part of the service they worked in, to be confident, capable and committed to address the behaviours, performance levels, and attitudes that led to poor performance from individuals.

With this in mind Shades of You developed and delivered a sustainable joint solution of Holding Difficult Conversations & Developing Positive Habits & Practices.

Initial responses from delegates was favourable in terms of not only having a clear structure & process to implement these difficult conversations, but also as important, a way of addressing difficult and or embarrassing topics in a non-confrontational way. Detailed feedback given showed clearly that managers had to think and reflect on the judgements and stories they tell themselves about individuals, which often make these types of conversations difficult, nerve-wracking and damaging to the manager and the individual involved.

With Developing Positive Habits & Practices feedback highlighted that individuals did not realise how negative and impactful their thinking and the language [choice of words used] had not only on their behaviour but also on their staff’s attitudes towards problems and difficulties encountered.

More sessions are planned in the autumn, so watch this space for an update!

What both of these opportunities show is that people can be complex. And no two individuals behave and /or respond the same way to difficulties.[Opportunities] Relationships with and between managers, staff & clients are now, more than ever, critical in enabling you to meet these opportunities.

As a thank you, if you've read this far then for the next 2 months a set of 3 Coaching sessions are ½ price!* This means a free 1 hr. exploration session and 3 coaching sessions [3hrs] for £100 in total

* T&C’s apply

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