Who's Inside?

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

“Who’s Inside?”

I have and always will encourage my children to love books. I’m no bookworm, it was always my sister that loved to read when we were growing up. I didn’t have time to sit still, I wanted to be prancing about and making noise – sorry mum!

However, as I got older and started to study, I found something exciting about a new text book and started to build my own little library (some of which are still in pristine condition because I haven’t touched them).

Kids’ story books are more on my level! I love doing all the different voices of the characters and find it endlessly satisfying when my son gets lost in a story and believes that it’s real.

For his 4th birthday, my son was given a copy of “The Lion Inside” by Rachel Bright and Jim Field.

It’s a lovely book, great illustrations and a nice rhyming pattern to make it fun to read and listen to. After about the third of fourth time of reading it aloud, I started to think about some of the messages in the book.

I’m sure at the moment they are going over the head of my 4 year old but they struck a chord with me.

A mouse – small, meek, quiet – gets ignored and left out because no-one could see or hear him. The lion – loud, strong, and confident – rules the land because he shouts and makes people listen to him and everyone thinks he is the best because he is strong.

Just put that into a workplace context for a second – can you see any parallels? And which one are you?

A quiet mouse that life passes by or a loud lion that gets what you want? Is one better than the other?