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Team development with

forest bathing

Connect, Grow and Thrive as a team whilst enhancing personal and team

well being.

Are you wondering how to reconnect a fragmented team?


Do you value the emotional well being of your staff?

Are you truly invested in your team and ready to be a trailblazer?


If you are based in Hampshire or Berkshire, you could be one of the first organisations to try Forest Bathing as part of a 6-month high impact team development programme with long lasting results!


We all need to learn how to work as an effective team, whether it’s developing communication techniques, appreciating each other’s strengths or just learning to get along, and due to the recent shift in working practices as a result of Covid-19, this is no longer a “nice to have” it is ESSENTIAL as is the wellbeing of your team.


Creating a safe and comfortable environment

in which team members can learn, share and

thrive together will have a positive impact on

engagement, motivation and team performance.


Dive into a 6 month Team Development

Programme ​with Sarah, which we will kick

start with an innovative and empowering day of

exploring personal and team communication and

behavioural preferences using Insights Discovery 

profiles balanced perfectly with a Forest Bathing

session with Sonya from Adore Your Outdoors to enhance well being and team connections.


What’s Forest Bathing?


It’s an evidence-based therapeutic practice that

CONNECTS participants to each other and their

natural surroundings, using guided, sensory

MINDFULNESS exercises.


It’s not what you expect; we don’t cover much

ground, work up a sweat and there’s no swimming


The practice originated in Asia over 40 years ago

and is proven to result in sustained increases in:

  1. happiness

  2. health (lowered stress, anxiety, depression and numerous physical benefits) 

  3. feelings of gratitude and resilience 

  4. a sense of purpose in life

  5. the ability to feel kindness, trust and empathy to others


The benefits are proven to last days after the session has ended, and with a 2-3 hour monthly forest therapy session, expected results include:

  • Enhanced staff creativity and concentration

  • Strengthened and deepened relationships

  • Increased productivity

  • Fewer sick days

  • Better communication

  • Reduced staff turnover

  • Improved staff morale 


Following the initial team session, the Team Leader will receive an activity to keep the learning alive, once a month - just in time for your team meeting and you have the option of choosing more Forest Bathing experiences as part of the plan, either monthly or quarterly for the 6 months duration. 

After 6 months Sarah will be back with a half-day session to check on progress, bottom out any new or existing challenges and to create a team vision for the next 6 months.

Ready to dive in?


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Sarah - Shades of You

Sonya - Adore Your Outdoors

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