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Team development Programme

Not just a one off away day - a bespoke series of high impact events with long lasting results!


Your Organisation needs people who are engaged. Developing them is one way of obtaining this engagement


We all need our employees to learn how to work as an effective, highly productive team! Situations occur which derail a business plan.[Covid was one of those situations] So, whether it’s changing processes; communication issues, or spending time on relationship issues to name a few typical daily distractions, Shades of You can help get back on track


We will work with you to help you identify the best approach to reaching your organisational. service or  team level goals – as well as having fun along the way.


By developing your team, you are increasing employee motivation and building trust between colleagues and management teams.

Creating a safe and comfortable environment in which team members can learn, share and develop together will have a positive impact on team performance.

We offer bespoke Team Development Programmes, ensuring that your team makes long lasting changes which will increase engagement, productivity and performance.

Kick start the programme with a high energy 1 day team session, exploring personal and team Insights Discovery profiles.

Why not add an extra twist by including an team activity experience! 

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