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Giving back

At Shades of You we believe that, as the children of today are our workforce of tomorrow, we need to enable them, so that they have every opportunity and ultimately work in a field where they want too!
Opportunity enables growth which leads to empowerment and Shades of You will offer the support. 

As a school governor at Bramble Infant School and Nursery , I have experienced first hand the numerous challenges that schools have faced over the last few years. Unfortunately, not all of the government's existing or planned additional funding cover either all the additional costs incurred or are actually available to all types of schools.

With this in mind Shades of You have pledged to support Bramble Infant School and Nursery with some additional funding for resources.

How will this work

Every quarter, based on the value of the work Shades of You complete, a donation will be made to Bramble Infant School and Nursery. As a client of Shades of You, should you wish for this donation to be made to a school of your choosing, Shades of You would be happy to do so.

A message from The Head at Bramble Infant School and Nursery School

“We are very grateful to Shades of You and their customers for the kind donations. Any funds received will be used to support the on-going development of the school and nursery so we can continue to aspire to grow successful, lifelong learners who care for, respect and are curious about the world around them”. (Mr O Bradley – Headteacher)     


Monies raised in financial year [05/04/2022] 03/04/2023

Brambles Infant School & Nursery [£50.00]        £0.00

Other schools [£0.00]

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