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Exploring Personal Impact

Team Meeting

Develop your self-awareness and learn how to harness your impact on others for great results.

Evoke your teams motivations for change and promote autonomy in decision making.

Motivational Interviewing

Desk and Mirror

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Support Group

Compassionate Leadership

Discover the relationship between compassion, culture and results.

Emotional Intelligence matters just as much as the more well known, intellectual ability.

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Championing Change


Examine the importance and power of trust within a team.


Team Trust

Engage and motivate others so that change is positive and employee lead.

Serious Conversation

Holding Challenging Conversations

College Students

Move away from awareness only and towards promotion.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Adapt your approach to best suit the situation and the individual

that the conversation involves.


Coaching Skills

for Managers

Team Meeting

Understand the make-up of a high performing team and how you can achieve this.

Develop a coaching culture by enhancing your skills and approach.

Developing a High Performing Team

Kitchen Meeting

Solution-Focussed Techniques

Solution-focussed approaches can save time; effort; energy and focus.

Working from Home

Start with yourself, model healthy habits, empowering staff to take control and responsibility for their wellbeing.

Resilience and


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