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Networking Event

Pro coach membership

Online and face-to-face networking for Coaches and Mentors across all disciplines.

Learn from each other, support each other and grow together.

The Pro Coach Membership is the membership associated with The Professional Coaches Network and gives members yearly access to:

  • 4 face to face events per year*

  • 4 online events per year

  • A supportive community

  • Online members areas with CPD and access to our speakers' resources

  • Quarterly ‘Coaching Connections’ newsletter

  • Your personal ‘Coach Connect” Profile

  • ‘Coach in Focus’ social media coverage

  • Speaker opportunities at our events

  • 4 30 minute check in calls with Sarah 

*social distancing rules will apply and we will follow the latest government guidance with regards to group size and location.

Are you focused and professional but like to have fun?

 Do you understand and embrace the value of investing in yourself and your business?


Are you looking to grow your coaching client list whilst staying fresh and up to date with

the latest news from the coaching world?

Do you see value in collaboration over competition?

If you said "YES!" - jump straight in and join the Pro Coach Network!

I had the pleasure of attending Sarah's 'Professional Coaches Network' event last week. Originally planned as a face to face event, the current circumstances meant a virtual meeting was necessary.

This did not seem to be an issue - it was a really enjoyable and informative event. There were around 16 people in the meeting, which Sarah facilitated. She had arranged for two speakers to talk about specific coaching subjects, and both of these sessions were really engaging and very informative.


If I had not been told that this network was relatively new, I would have thought it had been running for years. There was a lot of evidence of friendship and support, which was particularly welcome at this time.


I would highly recommend Sarah's Network to any coaches out there that are looking for an engaging and friendly environment to share and learn. I will definitely be attending again - hopefully getting the chance to meet everyone face to face next time.


Thank you Sarah.

Chris Harvey.jpg

Chris Harvey -

Chris Harvey Coaching and Line Management Capability

Join the Pro Coach Network for just £25 per month or £200 per year

"Give me the detail Sarah! What do I actually get?"

​So much value wrapped up in one package!

  • 8 events per year 4 online via Zoom and 4 face-to-face usually based in and around Hampshire. At each event we will have 1 or 2 guest speakers that will share their wisdom and tips to help us develop as coaches and business owners. Any slides shared or resources offered will then be available in our Pro Coach Network members area. The events last between 2 and 3 hours and include time to network and get to know each other, building relationships and contacts to enable collaborations and referrals.

  • Your personal ‘Coach Connect” Profile This is super exciting!! As a Pro Coach Network member, you will get your very own profile on the Shades of You Coach Connect page. A picture of your beautiful face, your bio to share everything you want prospective clients to know about you and a link directly to your inbox for enquiries. My mission as a Coach is to ensure that every coachee finds the perfect coach so I want them to browse the range of coaches available and make their own choice. That's increased leads for you from clients that have picked your profile over everyone else!

  • ‘Coach in Focus’ social media coverage At least once a year you will feature in our 'Coach in Focus' campaign on social media. Across all of our platforms we will share links to your 'Coach Connect' profile and invite you to take part in a recorded interview which will be shared on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In. That's your months marketing taken care of!

  • 4 x 30 minute check in calls with Sarah Being a freelance Coach can pose a big challenge - what do you do when you need to de-brief? You call Sarah of course! When you work in an office, surrounded by a team, it's easy to grab a coffee and talk through that tricky coaching conversation you have just had with your client. When you are freelance and work alone, that's not easy. Throughout the year our Pro Coach Network members get 4 calls with Sarah to de-brief, share, ask for help or make a plan.

  • A supportive community Group chat facility in our members area and a community of like-minded Coaches and Mentors that are invested in learning together, sharing their success and challenges, collaborating and growing together.

  • Online members areas with CPD Access to our speakers' resources, useful coaching resources shared by Sarah, the Coaching Connections newsletters, links to our favourite talks, articles books and more! Phew!

  • Quarterly ‘Coaching Connections’ newsletter The Coaching Connections newsletter will be sent directly to your inbox to enjoy with your favourite beverage! With the latest news from the big names in Coaching, hints and tips for your coaching practice and business, new blog posts and our Coach in Focus feature. 

  • Speaker opportunities at our events. Share your knowledge and experience with us, tell us about your practice and your coaching journey. We would love to hear all about you and learn from you!

The Professional Coaches Network Sarah set up last year is a brilliant idea and it has been great to see it going from strength to strength.


I've been to all the meetings so far and each one has been so valuable.


The mix of having guest speakers and the opportunity to talk to other coaches makes each session really interesting and thought provoking.


I love that Sarah is so inclusive and invites coaches from all different backgrounds and specialisms. The diversity in the group is great and I really enjoy listening to what the other coaches do and learning from them.


Sarah is a great facilitator and her enthusiasm is infectious. She really believes in developing ourselves and having support around us so we can be great coaches and do the best for our clients.


The Professional Coaches Network is the perfect solution and I am really looking forward to the next meeting.

Jo Miller.jpg

Jo Miller -

Talent Connected

Sounds amazing doesn't it!

Sarah brought together like minded people

to share ideas and empower them to

grow and develop.


Thank you

Jilly Stewart.jpg

Jilly Stewart -

Jilly Stewart Coaching

Still sitting on the fence and not sure if it's right for you? 

Send me an email and we can arrange a chat.

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